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HIKIT is an award-winning team which inspires, produces and creates solutions that work for your business. High quality digital content for screen and web.

An independent and innovative production and communications team, HIKIT brings into play strong, clear ideas and creative inspiration. We work to enable the realisation of your concepts and briefs, working easily across multiple media and delivering a range of contextual, original products.

HIKIT's core team are formed from Jonathan Helmer and Robin Morgan. Jonathan comes with 10 years experience producing content for some of Europe’s top advertising agencies. Robin is a British cinematographer with 12 years' experience in the film industry with a foundation in digital communication. Robin has worked through all stages of the creative process, from concept to execution.





We have over 10 years' experience in the industry and understand the complexities of messaging, branding and story-telling. We would be happy to share our favourite case studies with you virtually or in person.



Ikea, Bosch, BT Group, BBC, Williams F1, McDonalds Europe, VW, Audi, Sky, Coca-Cola, Zalando

Jonathan Helmer

Jonathan is a German creative producer who excels in formats for all relevant media - from television commercials to complex interactive web-specials.

Jonathan began his career as an editor in a Frankfurt-based post-production company before moving to Munich to work for Heye & Partner. Starting as an in-house agency editor and post-production supervisor, he rose to work as an assistant producer and then agency producer to broaden his range within the industry.


Robin Morgan

Robin is a British cinematographer with 12 years' experience in the film industry.

He has worked through all stages of the industry, from runner to cinematographer, spending four years as a lead film editor on a broad range of content, including drama and corporate identity. 

Given his expertise as an editor, he knows exactly what footage is needed and will quickly visualise and determine the look. Robin‘s visual language always depends on the brief. With projects, the earlier you get him on board, the greater the conceptual input he is able to supply. 

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